Hänsel + Schröder is an architectural office. With our compact team, we ensure direct and fast communication. This enables us to design decision-making paths very effectively and thus leave the greatest possible space for creativity. Thanks to a clear flow of information, the quality of the design and implementation remains as high as our architectural standards. The time spent working with clients is a lifetime. Therefore, we are very careful to always live and share our joy of work with all project participants while maintaining the greatest possible concentration. In this sense we work on our tasks in all service phases - in whole or in parts - from the first idea to the completion. For us, building means: Every single part, every work step in the planning and in the execution has its own essential meaning - every detail, no matter how small. We design spaces; their interior and exterior. We define proportions, light, color and material. From the floor plan to the completion of the building through an efficient, safe construction process, we always aim to meet our tasks with the highest quality. A thorough decision-making process precedes every necessary operation. For us, this means seeing and bearing the special responsibility - for things we do - and equally for things we don't do.

Simon Hänsel, Architect

Simon Hänsel, actually Simon-Vincent Hänsel, Münsterland Westphalian. Art enthusiast, but decided for architecture. Studied in Münster, MSA. Future prize winner "Hochstraße Halle". After years two years in Münster with Knoche & Partner Architekten, he went out to Berlin and Ingolstadt for pbb planning & project control in 2012 to 2015. Then to Hamburg, for five years major public projects, but finally independent. Goal-oriented advocate of commitment. Always working on achieving plan-related freedom of interpretation, which never hurts in everyday life. 2020 Founded Hänsel + Schröder Architekten PartGmbB together with Fritz Schröder

Fritz Schröder, Architect

Born and raised on the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein, Fritz Schröder was drawn to study in Aix-en-Provence and Berlin. As a passionate flâneur, after his diploma he was attracted to Paris and the architecture firm studio naço. He then returned to Berlin to Veauthier Architekten and Nalbach & Nalbach Architekten. After working for Foster + Partners in London for three years, Fritz Schröder went independent and founded the architectural office Studio Schröder in Berlin in 2010, with headquarters in Hamburg since 2012. He also studied part-time in the Executive Real Estate Program at the IREBS in Berlin and has since been allowed to use the title: Executive Master of Science in Real Estate. 2020 Founded Hänsel + Schröder Architekten PartGmbB together with Fritz Schröder.